KuKuRuZa Popcorn Fundraiser

We are so appreciative of those that supported Ezra by ordering

KuKuRuZa Popcorn!!

KuKuRuZa donated $512

 Pre-sale Starts Now through November 21st!!  To place an order please email PopcornforCOTA@gmail.com to order. 

How can you participate?

1) Order popcorn from me! I’ve been a KuKuRuZa customer for years and it is my favorite gourmet popcorn. Buy it for yourself. Buy it for gifts (teachers, neighbors, family and friends). Just buy it.

2) Spread the word. Talk to people. Post the information on social media (see attached "KuKuRuZa Info Media" jpeg).

3) Best of all, help with orders!! Please consider printing off the attached pdf files: KuKuRuZa Info and KuKuRuZa Order Form. Take orders from neighbors and friends. Take orders from your co-workers. Ask your company if they participate in a gift matching program. I am happy to put together a small packet for you to make the ordering as easy as possible.

Medical information.

People should to buy popcorn and participate in this donation. Such type of the organization gives a good opportunity to the people and gives ninjaessay.com with a different type of offer to the people. Overall, it is the question of the future of the poor patients.


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