Flashback Friday-Transplant Doctor

Flashback Friday:
The transplant team at Seattle Children's does 15 to 25 heart transplants a year, and we are part of that statistic in 2016. Thanks to the surgical talents of Dr. McMullan (Surgical Director, Cardiac Transplant at Children's and named by 'Seattle' magazine as Seattle's top doctor in 2013), Ezra has healed beautifully. When we first met Dr McMullan we were a little nervous because of his easy-going personality and bizarre preference for cowboy boots. He seemed way too laid back to be performing pediatric organ transplants. But an easygoing hotshot is really the best kind of person to be doing heart surgery. When he sat down with us minutes after Ezra's surgery, he told us that all of Ezra's caregivers would fuss and worry over every little thing for a while, but that they didn't need to and they always seemed to over-react and take things too seriously, and that Ezra would be fine. And he was.

The first successful pediatric heart transplant was performed 1984, and at the time nobody was even sure if the transplanted heart would grow with the child, or if they would have to re-transplant every few years. Transplanting out of blood type has only been done since about 1996. In 2014, for the first time ever, Australian doctors successfully transplanted a heart that was dead and had stopped beating.

Transplant surgeons are miracle workers and it's impossible to feel anything other than grateful beyond words to them. Our brains aren't really made to truly comprehend this. It's too impossible to even think about.


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