10 Days Post Transplant

10 days since transplant. Eating every daytime feed with a bottle at maximum onces. Main incision completely healed. It will be 4 more weeks until sternum heals


Chicks dig scars

Ezzys Big Heart

Ezra has a heart that is at least double the size of a normal 3 month olds heart! The left image is Ezra's most recent chest x-ray. You can see the stomach shaped figure in front of his spine, which is his heart, is quite a bit larger than the right side x-ray of a"normal" baby heart.

First Moments

On a Monday in April several days before the due date, Laura went in for a regularly-scheduled OBGYN visit at UW, and was diagnosed with preeclampsia. She was admitted and the decision was made to deliver the baby by c-section. In the final weeks of the pregnancy, knowing that the baby had some very serious heart defects, we had arranged to have him transferred immediately after birth from UW to Seattle Children's, where he would be stabilized, monitored, and treated as necessary until his condition could accurately be assessed and we could make decisions about his long-term treatment. Getting the care teams at both hospitals and the ambulance in place and ready took until late in the evening.

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